Monday, September 12, 2011

Upload Files!

Update (September 12, 2011): We are now hosting uploaded files on our own servers. Users who have uploaded the sheet, not, are responsible for the ownership of uploaded material.

It's finally here! You can now upload file directly to SheetExchange.

What's more is that instead of just storing your files on our servers, your files will be uploaded to Scribd: a cool site to share your documents online. Scribd allows people to view your sheet online, print it, share it, download it in different formats, view it on their mobile phones and even more...

Of course, since the purpose of SheetExchange is "exchanging" sheets, you do not have to upload files. Say you want to privately exchange copyrighted scores. And if you want, you can still share links to online documents and use our bookmarklet to do it faster too.