Friday, July 16, 2010

Check out our newly redesigned site!

If you have logged in to SheetExchange in the past few days, you might have noticed a complete redesign of the site.

The new design load significantly faster, makes search and other menus more accessible to you and makes much better use of your screen space. Additionally, it brings a large number of small improvements that will make your experience with the site more pleasant.

Last but not least, we think the new design looks better! Hope you feel the same too. And we're almost out of Beta. Although your feedback is always appreciated.

But that's not all. Remember we recently allowed file uploads? Most users - in fact, everyone who added a sheet since we launched file uploads - upload their sheet online. So we changed pages such as the search page to show sheets that have a download link first. The only exception is "Latest Sheets" which shows all sheets in the order they were uploaded (most recent first).

Hope you enjoy the new design and all the smaller improvements!